The FuelK12 EdSellerator™

Learn market-validated techniques to drive predictable, scaleable demand within the K12 market.

Why FuelK12?

Too many K12 Edtech founders with amazing ideas fail to get their ideas out into the market, or scale them effectively. Often times they are educators-turned-founders, and simply lack the experience in sales to find true market success. 

Often this lack of market knowledge leads founders to hire sales help, but those early hires aren't the right fit. These hiring errors can be costly, in time and money. Many lack the resources to survive these painful lessons, and ultimately fail. Other founders have launched, had some success, but need to systematize their growth to reach a broader audience more rapidly.

The goal of the FuelK12 EdSellerator™  is to provide early-stage K12 Edtech founders the resources and the education to ensure they never need to struggle through these issues. 

What to Expect

Selling into the K12 space is a totally unique process, compared to corporate B2B sales. Having supported the growth of over 80 different edtech companies, the FuelK12 EdSellerator™ is a community focused on leveraging our experience to provide training and services exclusively for K12 Edtech Founders, and Leaders of Sales and Marketing efforts.

Next Steps

The FuelK12 Community offers a few ways to engage – meeting you where you are. 

Whether you’re super early in your growth journey and need a DIY model of training and tools – or need the extra hands of us stepping in to carry some of the Sales and/or Marketing load for you, we can help.

The FuelK12 EdSellerator™ Community offers a free/pay-as-you go, or annual subscription options, depending on your needs – and each begins with a complimentary 1:1 coaching session at a time that works for you! 

We look forward to connecting!